Contribute to GDevelop

GDevelop is an open-source project: anyone can contribute and improve the software!

There are multiple ways you can contribute to GDevelop, depending on your time, your skills and what you're interested in.

Help to translate GDevelop

GDevelop and the website can be translated in your language! Translations are done on a website where everyone can get involved.

Help to develop GDevelop

It's easy to get the source code of GDevelop and start improving things! You can also create new extensions directly inside GDevelop and submit them to the list of community extensions.

Get involved in the community

The forum and the Discord chat are the place to get and provide help to other GDevelop users!

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Write tutorials, record videos

For most beginners and even advanced users, tutorials and help page are the most valuable resources to create great games quickly. On the wiki, you can write tutorials or improve existing ones.

Game creation, made simple

Imagine and publish your games with GDevelop. Bundled with tutorials and examples.