A design classic, for good reason. The USM Haller system offers limitless adaptability with timeless style and unrivalled quality.

For over 50 years, USM have operated under their core values of innovation, precision and quality. Their main export, the USM Haller system has cemented itself in design history; celebrated for its refined aesthetic, and endless versatility.

Who are USM?

The family-owned company takes its name from founder Ulrich Schärer and the Swiss village of Münsingen where they're based. USM started out as a small metal-working firm in 1885 but the brand as we're familiar with it today, started to take shape in the 1960s when grandson of the founder, Paul Schärer Jr took the reins.

Inspired by the work of architect Mies van der Rohe and the modernist movement, Schärer commissioned Swiss architect to create a flexible factory that would allow the company to adapt as new manufacturing processes came into practise. Haller designed a low, modular, metal framed building in the countryside near Münsingen, and although it has been extended and expanded to over time, the same factory is used to this day.

USM Haller Sideboard in pure white.
USM bedroom sideboard low in USM Beige

What is the USM Haller Storage System?

When USM opened a smaller version of their factory building (The Pavilion) to be used as an open plan office, Paul Schärer Jr realised the need for an accompanying collection of smart, minimal furniture to fit the Modernist space.

Schärer Jr and Haller worked together to create a storage system that translated the principles of the building's architecture. The system was designed around versatile metal panels, joined together by ball connectors and chrome-plated steel tubes - USM Haller was born. Interestingly, it was never intended for commercial sale but when the office starting attracting the attention of the media, the decision was made to put USM Haller into mass production.

USM Haller media unit in black
USM Home Office

So, what makes USM Haller timeless?

There are a number of factors to consider when describing something as timeless, and USM get a tick for each.

Design Aesthetic : USM Haller allows us to create highly complex storage solutions but the overall design is incredibly simple. There are no design frills with the system, which makes it incredibly hard to date. The benefit is that the USM Haller modular storage system looks incredible in any modern home.

Adaptability : Due to Haller's unique system, any USM Haller product can be added to (or stripped down) at any time. So, whether you're moving house or the needs of your existing space have simply evolved over time, you never need to replace your unit.

Longevity : Swiss manufacturing is synonymous with precision, quality and dependability. USM are typically Swiss in that these values are embedded in their DNA. From the choice of first-rate materials to the finest level of craftsmanship the decisions they make are guided by an unwavering commitment to serve the customer and respect the environment.*

USM storage unit in USM green
USM media unit with castor base, in green.

* A note on sustainability

Developing solutions that respond to economic needs while remaining environmentally conscious has always been a USM philosophy. Since the beginning, and throughout USM's development, handling energy, emissions, materials and production methods in a responsible manner has been a key issue.

In this regard, the length of the useful life of USM products is of the utmost importance. The longer the product can be used, the less impact it has on the environment. Using only high quality durable materials, manufactured with the latest environmentally friendly technologies, guarantees a long useful life for USM's product.

USM Haller media sideboard in pure white.
USM Haller sideboard in red.

Making USM Haller accessible

Although USM Haller offers us the ability to custom build our own modular configuration (using their online configurator), they also now offer preconfigured, best selling units via their quickship programme. With a fantastic selection of sideboard, media units, bedside & side tables, all delivered fully assembled, the quickship programme is a fantastic starting point for any USM fan.

The quickship collection is available to buy online at Utility today, in all of the vibrant colours we expect from USM. Explore the USM Haller quickship collection.

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