Global Game Jam with GDevelop

23-01-2021 10:01

Global Game Jam 2021 is starting soon! During one (long) week-end (27 - 31 January), make a game and submit it to the jam - whatever your location!

GDevelop is a great way to take part into the jam, as it has all the tools you need to quickly create and publish a game.

In a game jam, being fast is super important: from the idea to the prototype to the final game, it’s a great advantage to be able to move quickly.

Make and download ready-to-use assets

GDevelop is bundled with Piskel, an image editor that is perfect to quickly create your game art. If you’re not a designer, it’s even faster to create your objects using the free Asset Store, which is available directly inside GDevelop:

The Asset Store in GDevelop

Looking for a character, a new enemy, some background? The Asset Store has got you covered. It’s filled with public domain assets that can be used for any purpose and any game.

GDevelop also has an integrated sound generator, so you can create your sound effects in a few clicks.

Quickly prototype and adjust your gameplay

GDevelop has dozens of behaviors that can be applied to your game objects. They are easy to use, customizble building blocks to create the gameplay of your game.

  • Want to enable the player to move something by dragging it? Add the Draggable behavior.
  • Making a platformer game? Add the Platformer Character behavior.
  • Need to shoot on a target? Add the Fire Bullet behavior.

Use behaviors for your game objects

You can browse the GDevelop built-in behaviors and search in the behaviors library for community made behaviors. There is even one to add a hidden Konami cheatcode in your game!

GDevelop is based on the idea that you can build your game with these behaviors and build the logic, rules and algorithms using visual events. These events are composed of conditions and actions. It’s an intuitive, yet efficient, way to build your game logic. It’s like coding - but more accessible, compact and readable as plain English sentences.

Use behaviors for your game objects

It’s “No code”, or “low code”, done right!

Publish your game on Android, iOS, on the web or for PC/Mac

Publishing your game with GDevelop is easy. You can publish in one click, directly from the editor, your game as:

  • An Android app, that can be installed on your phone (apk file) or submitted to the Play Store.
  • On the web, with free hosting on GDevelop servers - or as a package ready to publish on stores like or GameJolt.
  • As a download app for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Publish in one click to Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux or on the web

All of these can be done automatically for you by GDevelop - no need to download, install and fight with complex developer tools. No complex toolchain to maintain or debug - just click a button, and get your packaged game ready.

You can also export to iOS if you have a Mac, XCode installed and an Apple developer account.

Try GDevelop today: it’s just one click away

The latest version of GDevelop can be downloaded from the website, and remember that you can even try it online, directly from your browser!

If you participate to the Global Game Jam, or any other jam, be sure to let us know on social media (tag #gdevelop, @GDevelopApp on Twitter).

Oh, one last thing: GDevelop has a dark theme. Actually, it has 3 of them! Also: it’s open-source!

GDevelop Nord Theme, one of the many dark theme