GDevelop didatangkan dengan berdozen ciri-ciri untuk membayangkan dan membuat apa-apa jenis permainan.

Sebarkan permainan anda di mana-mana

Objek untuk permainan anda

  • Sprites with multiple animations
  • Create explosions, fire and impressive effects with Particle Emitters
  • "9 patch" sprites, perfect for platforms
  • Tiled sprites, to create mosaics, floors and repeating patterns
  • Text objects
  • Formatted rich text with BB Text objects
  • Embed videos with Video objects
  • Draw custom shapes on screen with Shape Painters
  • Author maps of your tile-based game in Tiled and import them in a Tilemap object - coming soon!
  • Sokongan untuk topeng perlanggaran adat
Screenshot of Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH, a game made with GDevelop, the open-source game making app

Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH, a game made with GDevelop

Use visual effects ("shaders")

Tambah tingkah-laku untuk objek permainan anda

  • Enjin fizik - Tambah tingkah-laku yang realistik untuk objek anda
  • 'Pathfinding' - Dapatkan objek anda bergerak dan mengelak halangan
  • Pergerakan atas-bawah
  • Enjin pelantar - cipta permainan pelantar dengan segera
  • Objek boleh seret - buat objek anda boleh diseret dengan cepat dengan tetikus/sentuhan
  • Anchor - support multiple screen sizes by ensuring controls stay at the right position
  • Tweens - smoothly animate object positions, sizes, opacity and colors
  • Dan banyak lagi, untuk mengautomasikan tugas semasa dan tingkah laku dalam beberapa klik!

Dozens of additional behaviors are available through community extensions, which can be discovered and imported in one click directly from the GDevelop editor.

Membuat desktop & Permainan mudah alih sedia

  • Save player data in the browser storage or on their devices
  • Full support for sound effects and musics
  • Sokongan untuk skrin sesentuh & multi-sentuhan
  • Support for PlayStation, Xbox and generic gamepads

Tahap lanjutan rekabentuk dan antaramuka

  • Editor adegan membolehkan anda mengedit visual tahap anda
  • Editor adegan membolehkan anda mengedit visual tahap anda - -Tambah antara muka dan cipta kesan paralaks
  • Mencipta tahap anda secara dinamik dengan susun atur yang luar
  • Design your assets with Piskel - a powerful pixel art and sprite editor
  • Generate sound effects with Jfxr - create effects and customize them in a few clicks
  • Penyahpepijat - Inspect the content of your game and make dynamic changes while previewing your game
  • Performance profiler - monitor the resource expensive spots in your game

Super fast development with Live Preview

  • When editing your game in the editor, just press a single button to apply your changes to the running game. It's a great way to tweak your game, build your levels or test the gameplay without having to restart from scratch after every changes, helping you stay focused.
  • Preview your games on other devices (phone, tablets, other computers) using the Network Preview - without having to export them. Useful to quickly validate the gameplay on smaller devices, verify the game performance and playtest the game with testers. Even better, it's compatible with Live Preview: do changes in the editor and they will be applied to the game run on your external devices or browsers.

Bina permainan bercita-cita tinggi dengan ciri-ciri lanjutan

  • Communicate with external websites or services using HTTP requests.
  • Use advanced events: loops, for-each...
  • Create reusable functions using events, that can be used as actions, conditions or expressions in your game - a powerful feature never seen in other game creation tools.
  • Manipulate variables with arbitrary complex structures, with support for reading/writing JSON.
  • You can use JavaScript to code parts of your game - use it for a few functions, to write extensions or the majority of your game.
  • Display ads in your game with AdMob or link to products from your Shopify shop.
  • Search and install new features with extensions, built by the community - get new, ready to use features for your game in a few clicks
Make HTML5 games for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android, Edge and other modern browsers

Game creation, made simple

Bayangkan dan terbitkan permainan anda bersama GDevelop.Diikat bersama tutorial dan contoh-contoh