Bina game untuk Facebook Messenger

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Dengan GDevelop, anda boleh mengeksport permainan anda sebagai Facebook Instant Game dalam 2 klik.

1) Buat app anda di Facebook Developers

First thing, make sure to have an account on Facebook Developers. Create an app and configure it to choose "Games" as its category and enables Instant Games in Products:

Create your app on Facebook Developers and set the category to Games

2) Open GDevelop and export for Facebook Instant Games

In GDevelop, open your game and then the Export window. Choose Facebook Instant Games, click on Export and wait a few seconds.

Export your game for Facebook Messenger in 2 clicks

3) memuat naik permainan anda

Kembali ke laman permainan anda di Facebook Developer, pilih Web Hosting dalam menu dan muat naik dalam fail yang dieksport dengan GDevelop.

Anda juga boleh menambah penguji bagi kawan anda mencuba permainan anda.

4) cuba permainan anda di Messenger

Now, get your phone and open messenger. Open a conversation, choose Games and click on the icon of your game to start playing to it!

GDevelop is a game maker software that can be used by anyone to create video games

5) Use Instant Games features and publish your game!

GDevelop gave you access to Instant Games specific features, like the name of the player, to better integrate your game in Messenger conversations.

When your game is ready, submit it for review by Facebook so that it becomes available worldwide!

GDevelop is a game maker software that can be used by anyone to create video games

Ready to make games for Messenger?

GDevelop is an efficient game development tool for building Instant Games.