The game editors

The interface of GDevelop is made of intuitive editors to design your own games from scratch.

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Scene editor

Design your own levels with the scene editor: you can choose objects, put them on the scene, adjust their position and size. You can entirely design your levels with the scene editor. If you want to create complex levels or interfaces, the external layouts allow you to create parts of a level and then reuse them in other scenes.

Events editor

Imagining and creating the rules of your game do not imply to learn the syntax of a complex programming language. The events editor displays a sheet of events: each events is composed of conditions and actions. When conditions are fulfilled, actions are run. It's that simple.

All conditions and actions are available in a list so you can easily discover and find what you want to make the rules of your game.

Objects editors

Everything that is displayed on the screen of your game is an object. Most objects are called sprites: they are composed of animations and can be used for any animated element. For example, your player, enemies or bonuses to pick.

Other object are also available to create interfaces or add effects to your game: texts, particles, tiled sprites...

Resources editor, sprite editor and sound effect generator

All the images and audio files used in your game are listed in the Resources Editor. It's a simple way to manage your game assets.

GDevelop comes bundled with free assets to get you started! To quickly prototype and create your own assets, GDevelop is also bundled with a powerful pixel art editor called Piskel. You can also create sound effect in a single click using the integrated sound generator. It's perfect for game jams!

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