Using JavaScript with GDevelop

GDevelop supports JavaScript to create your game or extend the game engine.

JavaScript being used to write part of a game along with events

JavaScript can be used to write part of a game, alongside with events

Add JavaScript code blocks inside your game

GDevelop supports adding JavaScript code blocks at any point in the events of your game. It's a good way to implement a complex algorithm or reuse functions from open-source libraries. Events and code blocks can seamlessly be mixed together - so you can implement parts or even the totality of your game with JavaScript!

The JavaScript editor is based on the super powerful Monaco Editor, extracted from Visual Studio Code. Intellisense autocompletions are provided and the editor supports advanced features like multi-selection for faster coding.

Extend GDevelop with JavaScript extensions

GDevelop is modular and can be extended to suit your needs. In particular, all features available to games (objects, behaviors, events) are based on the extension system. You can quickly create new extensions for your game or contribute to existing ones as GDevelop is open-source.

JavaScript code blocks being used in GDevleop with the Dark theme

The Dark theme being used in GDevelop. The code editor also comes bundled with several beautiful themes!

Write HTML5, mobile and desktop games

Use your JavaScript skills with GDevelop to quickly create games for all platforms.