GDevelop for Game studios, indies and Education

GDevelop is a fast and flexible game engine that can be used for different use cases.

Professional and Game Studios

GDevelop is a lightweight game engine, carefully designed and open-source. The unique design of the editor has been explained during talks in international conferences.

  • MIT license: extend and contribute to the engine source code
  • Adaptable editor based on JavaScript, React.js and WebAssembly
  • Integrate GDevelop in your team, use events or JavaScript according to your needs
  • Get game designers, artists and developers to work on the same environment
  • Game projects are human readable and support version control systems like Git or Mercurial

Commercial support

Companies can provide commercial or free support for GDevelop:

Indie game developers

Accessible and easy to learn, GDevelop is ideal for indie game developers. You'll be able to quickly start a game and iterate by using events, behaviors and new extensions.

  • Free to use: download GDevelop and start making a game today
  • Integrated editors allowing to make game assets directly from GDevelop
  • Super fast prototyping with open-source community extensions and behaviors
  • Custom behaviors make your game logic reusable and shareable

Education and game making

Teaching game creation or programming to kids or students? GDevelop has been used by dozens of schools, universities and bootcamp programs for all ages.

Screenshot of Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH, a game made with GDevelop, the open-source game making app

Make games with a fast, intuitive game engine

想像一下,用 GDevelop 發佈您的遊戲。一些教學和範例綁在一起。