Vai Juliette!

A hyper-casual game reaching almost 1 million downloads in a few weeks.

Vai Juliette! is a fan-game made dedicated to Juliette Freire, the winner of Big Brother Brasil 2021. After Ittalo Ornilo created the game with GDevelop and released it, it grossed 500k+ installs on the Google Play Store in a few days. And then reached almost a million downloads a few more days later when distributed on the App Store.

It reached the Top Charts in several countries, and was Free Games Top 1 and Top 2 in Brasil on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Screenshot of Vai Juliette!, a game made with GDevelop, the open-source game making app

A fun hyper casual-game loved by BBB fans

The game is a hyper-casual game, where you try to go as far as possible avoiding obstacles, getting rid of enemies by throwing couscous at them, and encounter enemies and bonuses all in theme of Big Brother Brasil 21.

The game is also full of popular catchphrases from Juliette Freire, and has a great balance between fun and difficulty. It also got regular updates with new content, and reached a high rating from fans: 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 32000 ratings!

Vai Juliette! being the Top 1 Free games on the Play Store in Brasil
Vai Juliette! being Top 2 Free games on the App Store in Brasil

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