Game jams

GDevelop is a perfect fit for quickly making games during game jams.

Make your assets with Piskel

GDevelop is bundled with Piskel, a sprite editor that is perfect to quickly draw your sprites and for pixel-art.

Generate sounds effects in one click

GDevelop has an integrated sound effect generator, Jfxr. You can create sounds effects like explosions, jump, coins, power ups in a single click and customize them as you wish.

Screenshot of Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH, a game made with GDevelop, the open-source game making app


想要製作復古平台遊戲嗎? GDevelop 具有預先製作的行為,您可以將其附加到角色和平台上。在幾秒鐘內,您將有一個基本的平台遊戲運行,並準備定制和增強!其他行為,條件和行動也可用於創建任何類型的 2D 遊戲:shmup,“Bullet Hell”,等街機遊戲...


Imagining and creating the rules of your game do not imply to learn the syntax of a complex programming language. The events editor displays a sheet of events: each events is composed of conditions and actions. When conditions are fulfilled, actions are run. It's that simple.

Make HTML5 games for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android, Edge and other modern browsers

Ready to unleash your creativity?

想像一下,用 GDevelop 發佈您的遊戲。一些教學和範例綁在一起。