Not a vania

This project is meant as a game example or template for a more advanced platformer. This is in the style of older castlevania entries, such as Castlevania 1 or 3. There are numerous advanced GDevelop concepts in this project, such as finite state machines (FSMs), tweens, bitmap fonts and bitmap text objects, tilemaps, external event sheets, declaring variables via events, and object variables. Before working with this project, it is STRONGLY recommended that you review the following: At least the first four tutorials on the GDevelop Wiki: This example uses concepts from EACH of those tutorials and it is important to understand those concepts before trying to adapt these ideas. The finite state machine tutorial at:

Features used in this example

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The example uses these features:

  • Bitmap Text
  • Audio
  • Cameras and layers features
  • Standard Conversions
  • Builtin events
  • Keyboard features
  • Mathematical tools
  • Basic internet features
  • Features for all objects
  • Scene management features
  • Text manipulation
  • Time
  • Variable features
  • Window features
  • Panel Sprite (9-patch) Object
  • Platform Behavior
  • Sprite
  • System information
  • Text object
  • Tilemap
  • Tiled Sprite Object
  • Tweening

Read more about all features and extensions in GDevelop here.

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