Download GDevelop

GDevelop is free and can be used for profit or non-profit game making.

GDevelop runs on Windows, macOS and most recent Linux distributions. You can also try it online using Chrome, Firefox or another recent web browser.

You can also download GDevelop as a torrent. Thanks to for managing these torrents. Wonder what's new in latest versions? Find the release notes in the app or online.

Getting started

To create your first game, start by reading or watching a tutorial:

The forum and the Discord chat are the place to get and provide help to other GDevelop users!

Contribute to GDevelop

GDevelop is an open-source project. You can get involved in the community to improve it!

GDevelop 4 (old version)

Gdevelop 4 can still be downloaded. GDevelop 5 is recommended for any new user as GDevelop 4 won't be updated anymore! No support will be provided in the future for GDevelop 4: we recommend any GDevelop 4 user to upgrade to GDevelop 5.

GDevelop 4 is old and not supported anymore. We recommend switching to GDevelop 5, which is compatible with most GDevelop 4 games, has many new features and an improvement user interface.